This is my first post to this blog. However, this website has been up for a while for the purposes of collecting data for my Ph.D (still ongoing but close to finishing). All good ideas take time and this is no exception. I have been in education for over 25 years and no day goes by where I wonder about students’ motivation to learn and teachers’ motivation to teach. Anyone who is a teacher or knows someone who is, no doubt understands the challenges of the role. My interest in how people learn has always been strong and my research has allowed me to explore and develop a good sense of learning and motivation in education.

My Path

My research has taken me from music technology in the classroom to deliberate practice with musicians to educational psychology and motivation of learners and teachers. The areas covered is quite vast and though the Ph.D has given me focus, I still read widely about forms and theories of motivation in general and educational motivation in particular. Hope this blog will be able to bring some of this to my readers and to draw attention to not only new research data, but also some of the educational reform and policies in place which can support but equally hinder the work of teachers in the classroom.

Its’ Ok to disagree

I understand that not everyone agrees some of the findings in educational research. I used have (and maybe still do) have some biases about teaching and learning, but over the years I think have become a little less polarised and more open to new ideas and ways of thinking about education. What I don know is that the research I have undertaken has helped to dispel common educational myths and learn how to interpret research and educational policies for what they are. Look forward to you joining me on this journey.